Candida diet

Christmas Schmistmas

I am a big old Bah-Humbuggy Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I see it as a pagan holiday, a time to spend too much money, eat too much rich, sweet food, and feel guilty about – oh, everything. This year, because I am feeling so great, I think it will be better. My mood […]

How I’m doing it.

How I’m doing it.

I must admit that I’m not following the Candida Diet to the letter. I was, but I felt so terrible that I knew changes were necessary. For starters, I switched on day 3 from the broth version of the diet to the green salad and veggies version. Much better. I also allow myself brown rice […]


In 2005 I was preparing for my second maternity leave. The company I worked for hired a temp to replace me while I was away, and my job was to train her. A talented and likable lady, she soon found her niche with us. She was on a very strict diet when she started, and […]