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Getting enough sleep – part 2

It’s a funny thing, how information seems to filter into the conscious world in themes. Completely without intent or effort, not long after writing the post about getting enough sleep, I discovered this article. Essentially, the author refers to anecdotal and historical evidence, as well as the results of scientific studies, to suggest that perhaps sleep is less important than previously supposed. Specifically: do we really need eight solid hours of sleep every single night? The article points out that many cultures had a sleep pattern of four hours of sleep, two hours of restful wakefulness, and another four hours of sleep.

The fact that we believe we need eight hours of solid sleep actually leads to anxiety when people wake up in the middle of the night and battle to fall asleep again. Believing that this wakefulness is harmful to their health makes them panic, making sleep and relaxation far more elusive.

My own experience has shown me that I can cope fairly well on fewer hours of sleep. Both my husband and I do fairly well with a significant nap (two hours or more), followed by a good block of focused work, and then another good block of sleep (four hours or more).

I must admit that for me, the jury is out. I know I don’t really get enough sleep, but perhaps I’m doing better than people think, and that’ll have to do for now. We shall see. As long as I have Tre En En, I’m okay!


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