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Christmas Schmistmas

I am a big old Bah-Humbuggy Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I see it as a pagan holiday, a time to spend too much money, eat too much rich, sweet food, and feel guilty about – oh, everything.

This year, because I am feeling so great, I think it will be better. My mood is 100% improved and my willpower is phenomenal. So even though we will be having our traditional, delicious Christmess Pudding, I will abstain. It’s just three days of parties, and then another party. I can easily stick to healthy food for that long, and it will be SO worth it!

I have 1kg to go to reach my Level 1 Goal Weight, 58kg. I WILL achieve it!


One comment on “Christmas Schmistmas

  1. […] a previous post, I extolled the virtues (briefly) of the one tradition our family has established at Christmas […]

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