Holiday dieting

New year. Ho hum.

Well. Here we are o the 3rd of January. I feel horrible. Needless to say, I caved in and ate some of EVERYTHING this Christmas. That includes the Christmess Pudding (even though it was a small portion, I’m sure I got a few biscuits in my bowl). I’ve put on 2kg, and the bloating means […]

Christmess Pudding

Christmess Pudding

In a previous post, I extolled the virtues (briefly) of the one tradition our family has established at Christmas time: Christmess Pudding. Here’s how it goes: Every person coming to your party brings up to three pudding items of their choice. All items are dumped unceremoniously (or ceremoniously, if you like), into a big bowl. […]

Christmas Schmistmas

I am a big old Bah-Humbuggy Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I see it as a pagan holiday, a time to spend too much money, eat too much rich, sweet food, and feel guilty about – oh, everything. This year, because I am feeling so great, I think it will be better. My mood […]